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Control Automático de Aireación

Control Automático de Aireación

Adding a module to the temperature control system, you can automatically turn on and off the aeration. The system takes the atmospheric air temperature and humidity, the temperature and moisture (when filled) of the grain, and the desired grain moisture.

The Automatic Aeration Control commands and verifies the aeration in order to achieve a better result. It is composed by a weather station, the Automatic Aeration Modules, and the corresponding software, that integrates into the temperature control soft.

- The aeration is only turned on when the weather conditions and the gain conditions are adequate.
- No need of highly trained staff to do the math if it is convenient or not to turn the aeration on.
- Since it is totally automatic, there is no need to have personnel in night shifts, when there are usually the best weather conditions to aerate.
- It complies automatically with power limits, which can be given by the electric company or by internal limits of the own plant.
- It complies automatically with time bands restrictions, which can be given by the local authorities due to acoustic pollution, or if you want to aerate only on the time range where the company has a special tariff for the power consumption.
- Reduces energy costs.
- Reduces personnel costs.
- Allows to give the grain the desired moisture content, avoiding important losses due to manually over-dry "just in case".

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