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TESMA® Data-Logger mod. 02B

TESMA® Data-Logger mod. 02B

Digital temperature data logger.

It is an economic digital thermograph, used to register temperatures. The TESMA DATA LOGGER mod. 02B is portable, operated with an internal battery, and can register up to 24.576 temperature measurements. The measurement frequency is totally configurable, its memory is inviolable, and it has a configuration that permits to record new data without erasing the previous data, even when the memory is full. It has approvals from INTI and the European CE.
Its long duration battery gives operation for about 5 years. To download the the registered data to a PC, you will only need a serial RS232 connection. TESMA provides, free of charge, the corresponding software, which is Windows based and is configurable in different languages. You can download it for free in the Download section.
It only has to be configured once, and it is not necessary to download or read all the data in order to know if the cold chain was maintained or not: you just push the button, and if the LED flashes green, all registered temperatures are within the configured allowed temperature range; if it flashes red, only then it will be necessary to download the data, since at least 1 temperature was out of range, and it will need an analysis of when it was.

Technical specifications:

Escala de temperaturas °C / °F
Rango de medición -40°C a +70°C / -40°F a +158°F
Certificación CE Certificate N°2405/0962 SGS
Memoria 24.576 registros
Sobreescritura Si/No, configurable
Frecuencia de registro 1 min a 250 min
Tiempo máx. de registro 1 año
Alimentación Batería 3Vcc
Cubierta exterior Inyección en Polipropileno, material autorizado por autoridades sanitarias para contacto con alimentos
LED indicador Verde / Rojo. Indicación de espera de inicio, de inicio de registro y de alarma si hay registros fuera del rango
Pulsador Arranque manual y para verificar si hay registros fuera del rango configurado
Peso 45 g
Dimensiones 106 x 45 x 25 mm
Conexión RS232
Software para PC Gratuito
Garantía 1 año
Accesorios (opcionales): Cable conexión a PC (RS232 cross-link)
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